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Denise Bryers Boot Camp Cincinnati

"Tiffany manages my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. My social media relationships have improved immensely. I have way more followers now. My social media pages are up to date and full of relevant information. Tiffany is AWESOME! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Utilize her services. You can't go wrong with her on your team. I am so glad to have the opportunity to work with her." - Denise Bryers, owner/operator Bootcamp Cincinnati

Ricci Jackson Your Design Partner, LLC.
"I enlisted the help of Tiffany Stewart of Virtual Resource Social Media Management to help manage my social media platforms. In less than three months my engagement and number of followers has increased significantly. Tiffany is the consummate professional, and is not afraid to make recommendations that reflect your best interest. What I like most is that Tiffany takes the initiative to simply get things done. She's not waiting to be directed or too timid to try new things. I also love that she is creative and has an uncanny way of magically capturing our readers' interest. We at Your Design Partner highly recommend Tiffany Stewart of Virtual Resource." - Ricci Jackson, owner/operator of Your Design Partner, LLC.
Barry Stewart Barry's Poetic Session

"Tiffany handles our day to day social media needs but she also helped with the social media marketing of our 5 year anniversary event in May of 2016. Not only has she kept our page active and increased our engagement, she was also successful in marketing our event so well that we hit capacity at our venue. Which meant extra $$$ in our pockets. The thing that we like, is that she does much more that just post things. She is aware of current events and gave us helpful information on effective PR strategies when we wanted to show support of one group or another. We definitely feel Virtual Resource Social Media Management will be great for your business, too." - Barry Stewart, Executive Producer/Host of Barry's Poetic Session

Januarie York Blog: The 'i' Is NEVER Silent

"I have been more confident about my blogs than I have ever been since adding Tiffany to my writing team as an editor. She is professional, has a great personality and very easy to work with. I outlined my needs and Tiffany meets them at every level. I tend to work quite closely to my deadline, but no matter the timing, she excels at providing quality editing with a speedy turnaround, while showing no signs of irritation or stress. She is a pleasure to work with and I am excited to recommend her to others who are in need of her editing services."   

Emelyne Museaux Pay It Forward For Haiti

"Tiffany is thorough, gracious, and very knowledgeable!"

Ebonie Cincinnati, OH

On Blog Bio Writing Service: "Very fast and professional service. My request was completed the same day. I will be returning for more services in the future."